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THANKFUL Thursdays 2022

This year, we want to promote the opportunity this season brings: giving thanks, loving others and spending time with friends and family. That's why, in lieu of participating in Black Friday specials, we're offering discounts each week, all month long! "Thankful Thursdays" is our way of offering you special promotions and discounts each week, so that you may spend a few more hours and minutes with your family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend.

Each Thursday we'll unlock a new discount on one of our products throughout the month of November. As my honorable parents would say, "We have a lot to thank God for..." ~ Dr. T!

November 5th: This is my parents wedding anniversary; therefore, one of my favorite Thursdays of the month.30% off wraps and/or ANY wrap package, face, body and clothing! Please give a total of 3/5 days for mailing directly to you or for your free consultant and wrapping session in office!

November 12th: 20% off on any supplementon our ItWorks tab:

November 19th: 20% off on Childbirth Instruction on our FOUR WEEK series

November 26th: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE of a single wrap and or wrap session. (Save $25.00). ***A single wrap is $25.00 and 4 wraps for $55.00


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