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My interest in Lamaze, Obstetrics Gynecology grows out of my respect of medicine, the ethics and the ways in which women and their families are affected daily By the hour By the second and by the relevance of those principles in resolving birthing conflicts. 

I have been blessed with the opportunity to pursue this portion of medicine because of the sacrifices of my family, as well as myself and the vision of other ordinary people (my community) who wish to make birth for their families!!!

No matter what impediment you face in life, I've learned that you need to continue to accept as true and allocate your dream.

I realize that women need love, recognition support in order to shine. Each one of my Spoil-A-Patient entities of business allows me to help others be all they can be. I do my best to give back to my community by providing medical attention at women's shelters, speaking to foster parents about the difference they can make in a child's life, and reaching out to young girls at risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

I love sharing a message of optimism, brainwave obedience. I tell women to set targets and always remember there is a dream out there with your name on it. And Spoil-A-Patient, Inc. can be the medium to reach it.

Walk. Listen. Laugh. Play. Practice. Continue. No regrets. Appreciate. LOVE. Live...

Dr. T!

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